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Dr Daniel’s Medical Centre has recently been rebranded as Foresight Medical Centre. Our high quality services remain the same but we will just have a different name and a new up-to-date look. Please go to the new Foresight Medical website:

Foresight Medical – Private Health Screening

We strongly believe that regular personalised health screening will detect on time any medical condition you may suffer from. Dr Daniel’s health screening combines our well-known diagnostic expertise with the latest in preventive medicine. Many participants have been diagnosed with a previously undiscovered condition during a health screening at our centre.

Common conditions such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and strokes can be prevented if you are aware in advance that you are at risk and can act to reduce your risk in time. Furthermore, bowel, breast, ovary, testis and prostate cancer can be picked up at an early stage, when the prospects for successful treatment are much better.

At Dr Daniel’s Medical Centre, you will be looked after by the same doctor, who will be able to follow your progress and give advice tailored to your circumstances and lifestyle. We deliver preventive medicine with the personal care and attention which has always been associated with traditional occidental medicine.

Your health screening program will be customised to your personal health needs and will be strictly confidential. You will be well informed in regard to the various tests. The length of your visit may be extended if the initial health review identifies issues requiring additional testing. Our health screening consists of a detailed Consultation which covers your occupational and medical history. We then undertake a full examination which includes:

 ECG (electrocardiogram)
 Lung function test
 Eye test
 Full skin analysis
 Hearing test (audiometry)
 Full blood test with 71 measurements

NOTE - Our blood test checks biochemistry, haematology, cholesterol, fasting glucose (for diabetes), liver and kidney function tests. Inflammatory markers and Calcium level.

You may also need:

 Prostate test (PSA) for men over 40 years of age, with rectal examination
 Bowel cancer screening
 Abdominal ultrasound or CT scan (for people over 50 years of age)
 EBCT Heart scan or CT Angiogram for coronary heart disease screening
 Smear test for women using the modern and accurate ‘Thin Prep’ method
 Mammogram (Digital or 3D for women over 40 years of age)
 CA-125 and gynaecological ultrasound scan (Ovarian cancer screening)
 Hormonal testing for men and women
 Genetic Screening
 Referral to other specialists

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