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Dr Daniel’s Medical Centre has recently been rebranded as Foresight Medical Centre. Our high quality services remain the same but we will just have a different name and a new up-to-date look. Please go to the new Foresight Medical website:


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Can I get an appointment on the same day?

Same day appointments are available if you call the Medical Centre before 10 am. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to see you on a same day basis, but we will do our best to fit you in.

How long is the waiting time in your consulting room?

Our centre deals with professional busy people, who cannot afford to waste their time in a waiting room. The maximum waiting time is around 10 minutes. Any patient arriving more than 10 minutes late for her / his appointment will have to rebook.

Do you provide home visits?

We do provide Home Visits usually only for existing patients of the Medical Centre. If you are not an existing patient and you need a home visit please call the Medical Centre to discuss your situation.

Can I be referred to a consultant?

We can refer you to a consultant either in the private sector or in the NHS. We have direct access to the very best consultants in every area of speciality and can refer you to the best consultants in the country.

I have previously had tests, will I need to do them again with you?

You will need to come into the Medical Centre with a copy of your existing test results, the doctor will then decide with you if further tests are needed.

Will my NHS GP be made aware of my consultation at your centre?

On the registration form you will be asked your wishes in regard to this. We do recommend that your NHS GP is sent a report each time you come here. But if, for any personal reasons, you do not wish this to happen, we will of course respect this.

Will I receive a copy of my results?

You will receive a full copy of your test results along with a detailed report when needed.

Do you provide X-ray, Scan, MRI, Mammograms and Blood Tests?

We can undertake all of these tests, we can usually refer you for one of these tests on the day of your consultation. All tests will be done in the Harley Street area, within walking distance of our centre.

Can I have the test I want straight away?

No, you will need to see a doctor in our centre to discuss what you want and why. The aim of the consultation will be to define your needs and any potential contra-indications for the test you want.

Will I have a copy of the test results?

Yes, always. This will be given to you during your follow-up appointment.

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