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Why should I have my health screened?

There are two good reasons for screening: early detection and reassurance. Health screening can detect the most frequent conditions affecting people over the age of 40 (diabetes, coronary heart disease, most frequent cancers etc). Screening helps you become more aware of your health, and take control over it. Screening can also provide reassurance and stop you worrying unnecessarily over minor matters.

Why should I be screened at Dr Daniel's Medical Centre?

Again there are two good reasons. First, you will be treated as an individual rather than as a patient – we pride ourselves on our caring and personal approach. And second, at Dr Daniel’s Medical Centre, you will receive state-of-the-art health screening from doctors who specialise in preventative medicine.

Does your health screening check everything?

Our screening covers all the main preventable conditions. These are:

  Diabetes type 2
  High blood pressure
  Coronary heart disease
  Bowel cancer
  Ovarian cancer
  Cervical cancer
  Breast cancer
  Prostate cancer
  Skin cancer
  Liver function
  Kidney function

Does your health screening include a full body scan?

No, it does not. A whole body scan or PET scan is not a good pre-emptive test. It has not been demonstrated as effective in detecting any particular disease early enough for useful diagnosis.

Do I need a coronary heart disease screen?

The doctor will advise you about this on the day of your first consultation.

I suffer from a particular problem. Should I do a health screening?

Our advice would be not to go for a screening. It would be better for you to make an appointment for a consultation. From that the doctor will advise you on the appropriate tests to take.

Should I fast before my health screening?

Yes, you should fast for at least six hours before your appointment. You can drink water, coffee or tea without milk or sugar.

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