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Dr Daniel’s Medical Centre has recently been rebranded as Foresight Medical Centre. Our high quality services remain the same but we will just have a different name and a new up-to-date look. Please go to the new Foresight Medical website:

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Do you provide all the existing vaccines?

Apart from Mumps vaccines, we provide all of them, according availability from the pharmaceutical companies.

Can you advise me over the phone or by email?

No, as this would be bad practice. As specialists in travel medicine we can advise you properly only if we have full details of your travel plans and your medical history, and this information cannot be obtained without meeting you.  Advices by phone or email are not better than the information you can find yourself on


Is there a consultation fee on top of the costs of the vaccines?

No, we do not charge on top of vaccinations even for new patients.

A travel clinic in Harley Street. That must be expensive?

Not so. We are competitive with other clinics such as Masda and the British Airways clinic.

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